Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids generally fall into the following categories:

Over the Ear In the Ear Semi-Implantable CROS/BiCROS

"Over the Ear"

RIC hearing aid Hearing aid over the ear

The body of these devices sit behind the ear and contains the microphones and signal processors. Sound is transmitted into the ear either via wire with a receiver on the end, or via thin tube with amplified sound funneled directly from the body of the hearing aid. The size of the aid varies depending on battery size and how powerful the device is.

Hearing Aid Brands

DC Audiology dispenses and services hearing aids and assitive listening technology from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Hearing aids Washington DC

Oticon Opn™ Hearing Aids feature a wealth of innovative technology to take the hassle out of hearing!

Hand holding Oticon Opn hearing aid

Oticon Opn hearing aids in charger

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